Dance Team

We’re Not Cheerleaders, We’re the Dance Team!

By Jessica Solverud

        You've probably seen us in the halls, we're the girls that everyone thinks are cheerleaders, but we're NOT! We are the Dance Team! We can also be called the Pom Pon Squad, but cheerleaders is not a suitable name! Well, by now you're probably thinking that "dance isn't really a sport" and "they're just girly-girls", but if you are… STOP! The purpose of this article is to prove that Dance is a sport, and we work a lot harder than you may think!

        To begin, I'll tell you about one of our practices. We start by running laps around the school and up and down flights of stairs. Then we stretch, stretch, and stretch some more! And don't get me wrong, this isn't leisurely stretching this is splits, arms, legs, push-it-'till-it-hurts stretching. Then we do about 200 crunches and continue our warm-up with 15 toe-touches and at least two kick drills.

        In case you don't know, a kick drill consists of low kicks (kicks on the ground), hitches (foot brought to your knee), medium kicks (waist high kicks), high kicks (above your head kicks), right diagonal kicks (kicking diagonally to the right-same height as high kicks), left diagonal kicks (same as right diagonals except to the left), right fans kicks (a kick brought in front of you and then over to the right always as high as your head) and finally left fan kicks (same as right fans except to the left). This makes a grand total of 32 kicks per drill! (If you don't think 32 kicks in a row is hard, just try it!) After our warm-ups we continue our practices by memorizing, practicing and perfecting our routines.

        This may seem like hard work and even unpleasant, but to the members of the Dance Team it is just a necessary step in staying fit so they are able to do what they love, dance.

        Here are some of the comments made by some of the Dance Team members:

"Dance Team is fun, and most people don't think that it is a challenge, but it is!" ~Ashley A.

"I like Dance Team because it is a way of showing our support for our school and our community." ~Devan D.

"I've been in Dance for 10 years so the change to the title Dance Team was a good change." ~Nikki K.

"It's a great activity to be involved in!" ~Kara Z.

"It's pretty sweet but kick drills bite! I love my squad sister Leah, he he!" ~Alexia F.

        As you can tell, everybody involved in Dance Team loves it! But hey doesn't everyone love to dance?! §

Dance Team Members:

Leah T.                                Funxyi L.

Ashley A.                             Samm N.

Devan D.                             Lindy P.

Sharra D.                             Rachel P.

Alexa F.                               Megan R.

Katie K.                               Jessica S.

Nikki K.                               Kara Z.

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